In addition to producing advertising gifts such as keychains poured glue, rubber keychains, wearing luggage tags, đế lót ly, picture frames, label, breathe fridge, rubber bracelet…, Van Phat provides the entire machinery and professional equipment manufacturing industry serving gifts or advertising material. Customers will receive technical advice, technology delivery, instructions for installation and use multifunction spraying machine specifically.


multifunction spraying machine


have phun son for da


Specifically, Typical models catering industry advertising gifts are pouring glue and spray paint machine automatically. Airless spray and pour glue multifunction automatic positioning laser DS-CCD-PP-T-1/2/3/4 with the following specifications:


Regime: puff

Speed: 100 / second

Camera: 10.000.000 pixels

Paint sprayers: 1/2/3/4 blood

Size desks: 1400mm x 1480mm x 1800mm

Journey of XYZ: 1040mm x 325mm x 46mm

Bias: ± 0.01mm

Max speed: 5m / min

capacity: 1.2kw

Voltage: AC220v/50Hz

Weight: 750kg


Machinery imports 100%, warranty and take place.




Customers wishing to see real versatile airless spray and pour glue automatically please liên hệ make an appointment here.